Our Vision

Making wineries the most sought-after boutique hotels for experiential and not just tourist stays


All-female firm

 owned by Cristina Mascanzoni Kaiser ​​​​​​​

Our Mission

To be the only interlocutor for wineries by offering high quality, artisan attention to detail, customization and experience to remember for all customers. We offer these values ​​to exploit not only wineries, but a territory, a typically Italian culture in the hospitality and passion for beauty. Ours is a passion driven by an intoxicating love for hospitality. Be HospItalian!



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Finalista del premio WINWSA

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Wine Hospitality: When Human Touch and Italian Genius Change Marketing.

Wine Hospitality: When Human Touch and Italian Genius Change Marketing Testo del paragrafo: In the captivating journey of "Wine Hospitality," the essence of wine blends seamlessly with memories and emotions, creating an unforgettable tapestry of flavors and aromas. This manual transcends mere words on a page; it's a beacon guiding companies towards a transformative approach in promoting their products. Beyond the transactional, it champions an immersive experience steeped in hospitality and warmth, leaving an enduring imprint on every visitor.

  High Quality Standards

WineHo makes quality its characteristic element.
Our consultants combine:

  • Significant experience in luxury hotels
  • Training and certification in the oenological field (i.e. Sommelier; WSET)
  • Teaching and training experience
  • Entrepreneurship being all business owners
  • High level coaching and lecturing - wine hospitality and marketing


Each reality is different and the key to success is often in ad hoc execution.

WineHo enhances the strengths of customers by creating unique experiences for guests, linked to the territory and cannot be copied for the realization itself. Unique experiences for unique customers.

  Customer Satisfaction

The satisfied customer is the one who lives a unique and memorable experience and which he then talks about with pleasure.

This telling friends is the best form of marketing and allows you to create resalable value because a link is created between the customer and the structure that can be addressed from time to time on different products.

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